Storage of carbon by the Himalaya: the importance of organic carbon unveiled

Affleurement de schistes noirs graphitiques dans l’Himalaya du Népal.

An international team, led by IPGP researchers, has looked into organic carbon stored as graphite in the Nepal Himalaya, whose importance as compared with well-known carbonates for the global carbon budget of the chain remains poorly understood. Studying this stored graphite is essential to better estimate the carbon sink/source duality of large orogens and its associated effects on Earth’s climate. […]

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MYSTHIC: “We still have a lot to learn about deep Earth carbon cycle”

For more than a year, Javiera Villalobos Orchard has been working as a postdoc geochemist on the LabEx-funded MYSTHIC project at IPGP. Here, she tells us more about her work and her background. “I was always curious the Earth”. Javiera’s interests about Earth and nature come from her country of origin: Chile. Growing up in Santiago, with the neighbouring Andes […]

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