UnivEarthS Projects LIST

Projects Frontier:
F1a Earth as a living planet: from early ages to present dynamics
F1b Subduction in the past & today
F2 From the Big Bang to the future universe
F2a Support to PCCP
F3 The transient catastrophic Universe

Projects Interface:
I2 Geoparticules
I3 Fundamental physics and geophysics in space
I6 From dust to planets
I7 Gamma-ray bursts : a unique laboratory for modern astrophysics
I8 Research of astroparticles, geological and oceanographic studies
I9 Improving solar and geodynamic forecast : towards advanced data ssimilation techniques of integration
I10 From evolving binaries to the merging of compact objects
I11 COR2DISC: From pre-stellar cores to protoplanetary discs
I12 Multi-wavelength & Multi-Physics Planetary Peeling

Projects Exploratory:
E3 Geophysics and gravitational waves interferometric detectors
E5 Numerical observatory of violent accretion systems novas strong gravity and beyond
E8 Modified Gravity from the Earth’s outskirts to the cosmos
E9 Low Energy Astrophysics with KM3NeT

Projects Young Team:
JE2 Direct dark matter research
JE3 Advanced gamma-ray science methods and tools

Projects Knowledge:
K1 UnivEarthS Fall School
K2 Student nanosatellite IGOSat

Project Valorization:
V1 Data distribution, visualization and cloud computing
V2 Detectors for the future
V3 In Situ Cosmogenic dating of extraterrestrial surfaces